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3724 CR 403
Berryville, AR 72631

I have my best girls my Nubians. I have been working and building for the past eight generations. Keeping and breeding only the hardiest, healthiest,  sweetest big producing milk making girls and making sure that my boys also come from only the best of mommas.  I like my girls to be strong mothers, healthy and beautiful.
My mother nannies raise their kids  and provide me with milk once a day. We try and maintain around here a sleek shiny coat,  with good energy and bright eyes. Our girls are rotated on pasture and are given little to no wormer medacation to sustain their health. They are offered free choice minerals, baking soda and fresh clean cool water. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  My eyes like to see lots of color, loud spots, with a good build, structure and they wouldn't be Nubies with out their big floppy long ears and roman noses.

My therapy and love is gardening daily. We have fresh produce for sale when we have extra to share (ask what is available if you're interested). You can also check out and see the list of things growing from year to year.

We are just loving the ownership of Dexter cattle we are working on our third generation heifer. Sweet milk and great meat yield is what this breed is all about. A miniature breed that is gentle and trainable. This breed is great for the family farm.

About the Pigs I really don't have a lot to say but they sure do taste good and are cute when they are little piglets (we have none at this time).

Our little hens and ducks are a great help on the farm. Catching bugs and helping cultivate all the great gardens and pastures. Chicks or fertilized eggs are available at times for purchase.

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Cassie Culhane holding MJ's 2013 Doe kid                          Eva Capps holding Oreo' s 2013 Doe kid

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Now how could I turn out to be anything else but a farmer when my maiden name is McDonald!